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untuk sementara ini gak ada polling dulu, yah. hehe..
Must read (have!) comics!
Friday, March 03, 2006
Hi, here's a list of "a-must-have" comics that recommended by me (on alphabetically order):
  • 20th Century Boy, by Urasawa Naoki. Category: Suspense/Mystery.
  • Beautiful Sunshine, by Adachi Mitsuru. Category: Comedy, Romance.
  • Detective Conan, by Aoyama Gosho. Category: Detective Story.
  • Genzo the Puppet Master, by Yuzo Takada. Category: Adult, Action, Epic.
  • Godhand Teru, by Kazuki Yamamoto. Category: Comedy, Medical Comic.
  • H2, by Adachi Mitsuru. Category: Sport, Comedy, Romance.
  • Here We Are (Bokura Ga Ita), by Obata Yuuki. Category: Girl Story, Romance.
  • I Hate You but I Love You (Kizz, Zenko, Kiss), by Fujiwara Yoshiko. Category: Girl Story, Romance.
  • Monster, by Urasawa Naoki. Category: Suspense/Mystery.
  • Shanaou Yoshitsune, by Hirofumi Sawada. Category: Japanese Epic Legend.
  • Vagabond, by Inoue Takehiko. Category: Adult/Japanese Epic Legend based on Eiji Yoshikawa's Musashi.


(Last update on March 4th, 2007)

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