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untuk sementara ini gak ada polling dulu, yah. hehe..
Genre of Manga
Saturday, July 01, 2006
  1. ecchi - perverted; usually has suggestive sexual situations but may not always be graphic; some people consider ecchi and hentai as one, others consider ecchi as a milder version of hentai.
  2. hentai - explicit, graphic sex; for mature viewers only; sometimes interchangeable with ecchi.
  3. josei manga, also jousei or jyosei - manga geared towards mature, adult women.
  4. seinen manga - manga geared towards mature, adult men; sex and violence are prevalent themes but may not always be present.
  5. shoujo, also shojo - girl/s; shoujo anime/manga is geared towards girls and typically has sweet, mushy love stories.
  6. shoujo-ai - stories about girls who love other girls; milder than yuri; compare with shounen-ai; don't mistake for shoujo manga.
  7. shounen, also shonen - boy/s; shounen anime/manga is geared towards young boys and often contains action/adventure stories; common themes include but are not limited to competition, martial arts, fighting, superheroes with supernatural powers, and sports; "Dragon Ball," "Naruto," and "Slam Dunk" are good examples.
  8. shounen-ai - stories about boys who love other boys; milder than yaoi; compare with shoujo-ai; don't mistake for shounen manga.
  9. yaoi - gay men getting it on; compare with yuri and shounen-ai; usually a sub-group of josei manga.
  10. yuri - lesbians getting it on; compare with yaoi and shoujo-ai.

see also other's manga glossary here.
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